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This week for your project, you will provide advice on how your client can best market to their customers and optimize their website. What are some recommendations for data that they should capture to help with their online conversions (sales) and why.

Reference no: EM131153159

Determine the optimal number of donuts to prepare

The university has given Vecino’s Bakery the concession to sell glazed donuts in the Graduate School of Business Administration during evening classes. It costs the bakery $.1

Operations management function necessary in organization

Is the operations management function necessary in the organization? Why or why not? How is the operations management function different from any other function in the organiz

Branches to develop an annual quality plan

A bank requires its branches to develop an annual quality plan that deploys corporate strategy into quality goals for five subject areas. One area is human resource utilizatio

Promote perceptions of fairness in their organizations

What is organizational justice, and how are its four types of justice different from one another? What specific things can managers do to help to promote perceptions of fairne

Consider disparate data sets where tables of sales data

As a business owner of a mid-sized retail company, consider disparate data sets where tables of sales data exists for multiple products (top adapters, binoculars, cameras, and

Describe how the center for disease control

Give one example of how IT assists with disease monitoring and surveillance. Explain if your example is passive or active surveillance and explain why. Describe how the Cent

Do chain restaurant operations

Do chain restaurant operations, which prize uniformity—and thus reliability—in store design, products, and operating procedures, require uniformity of personnel policies? Were

Societal marketing affect your personal consumer behaviour

How does corporate societal marketing affect your personal consumer behaviour? Do you ever buy or not buy any products or services from a company because of its environmental


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