Can an organization be effective but not efficient

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When we talk about an organization being effective, how do we know whether an organization is also efficient? Can an organization be effective but not efficient? Or vice versa? Please share your thoughts.

Reference no: EM13822114

The tolerance on the cupcake diameter

You are an operations analyst at cake-r-us, and they make cupcakes that are supposed to have a top diameter of 38mm. The tolerance on the cupcake diameter is 0.5 plus or min

Challenge to deliver consistent service quality

Quality consistency. A worker in a factory that makes Whirlpool appliances can be in a bad mood and customers will never know. Even if there are production problems, quality c

Compute total workload in hours for work order mix

Abbott Manufacturing produces plastic cases for solar photovoltaic panels and has decided to combine orders from customers to increase work order size, and thereby make one la

Using specific human resources concept-theory-tool or policy

Identify key issues for the employer, manager and/or employee that are unaddressed and/or need to be resolved; Identify and describe how the issue can be resolved using a spec

The official power to make legal decisions and judgments

It is common knowledge that jurisdiction, the official power to make legal decisions and judgments, is vitally important to the adversarial legal system. Discuss the importanc

How reward might be paid to matheus

Your overhear Matheus say, "I am so glad to be divorced from my cheating wife Larissa. She keeps two sets of books in her design business, and I wish the IRS would find out ab

Craft a job description for the position you wish to hire

Imagine a business that you would like to start and that it is at the stage of adding one or more employees. In a minimum of 2-3 pages, complete or answer the following- Cra

Explain analytical techniques

What other analytical techniques are available to help a company like Wheeled Coach deal with layout problems? What suggestions would you make to Bob Collins about his layou


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