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1. For the following questions, a calculated probability of equal to or less than 0.05 is considered significant.

a. Is it significant to get a 12 when a pair of dice is rolled? Show evidence and discuss.

b. Assume a study of 500 randomly selected school bus routes revealed 480 arrived on time. Is it significant for a school bus to arrive late? Show evidence and discuss.

Reference no: EM131167685

Calculate the chi square statistic

The Central groups with software sold 175 and the group with no software sold 125. The West group with software sold 180 and the group with no software sold 130. Using this

Electromagnetic radiation in thermal equilibrium

The pressure exerted by electromagnetic radiation in thermal equilibrium (called black body radiation) is P =  1 K T4, 3 u where Ku = 7.56 × 10-16 J K-4 m-3.

Sample size for population proportion

You are asked by the owner of the Starshine Motel to develop a customer satisfaction survey to determine the percentage of customers who are dissatisfied with service.

Social responsibility to serve all communities

Financial institutions have a legal and social responsibility to serve all communities. Do banks adequately serve both inner city and suburban neighborhoods, both poor and w

Find the probability

Find the probability that the amount of total claims over a period of 100 days is at least $150,000. - find the probability that the company will net at least $10,000 for the

How does turner define the frontier

"How Does Turner define the Frontier? Where was it located at any given point in American history before 1890? What did he mean by saying "the wilderness masters the colonis

Appropriate test for interval and ratio data

Evaluate the data below using the Kruskal - Wallis Nonparametric Hypothesis Test.  Explain why you chose this particular nonparametric test to analyze your data.

Given the linear correlation coefficient r and the sample

Given the linear correlation coefficient r and the sample size n, determine the critical values of r and use your finding to state whether or not the given r represents a sign


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