Calculate the upper and lower control limits

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A manufacturer of bicycles monitors production at their main production facility. The mean number of units produced per day should be 92, and past experience has shown that the standard deviation is estimated to be 14 units produced per day. The process is monitored using a sample size of 20.

Calculate the upper and lower control limits. Give your answers to 2 decimal places.

Reference no: EM13131953

Mean-standard deviation of distribution for number of tvs

The relative frequency distribution of the number of TVs sold in a day in a department store in the last year is as follows: Compute the mean and standard deviation of this di

Find seasonally adjusted sales for second quarter

The same for each of the four quarters next year. The seasonal factor for the second quarter is 145. Determine the seasonally adjusted sales for the second quarter of next y

Proportion of americans drink more than eight servings

Servings of water is approximately normally distributed with a standard deviation of 1.4 serving, what proportion of americans drink a. more than the recommended 8 servings.

Probability that next year number of burgalaries will less

Standard deviation of 50. what is the probability that next year the number of burgalaries will be less than 250? less than 300 and more than 350?

Expected value of number of cards need to produce first ace

Then turn up cards from the top until the first ace appears. What is the expected value of the number of cards required to produce the first ace?

How many questions test contain to reduce standard deviation

How many questions must the test contain in order to reduce the standard deviation of Julie's proportion of correct answers to one-fourth its value for an 100-item test?

How should chocolate bar wrappers be labeled-underweight

A chocolate bar is considered underweight if it weights less than 8.0 oz. How should the chocolate bar wrappers be labeled so that only 1% of such bars are underweight.

Find probability of receiving xi complaints

Rrepresented as a table or a graph, both shown below. The random variable xi represents the number of complaints, and p(xi) is the probability of receiving xi complaints.


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