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1. You are studying 2 wetlands in eastern Ohio - one that has become highly invaded by purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria). These wetlands typically contain over 100 species, but in an amazing coincidence, both your sites only have 6 total species:
Species Site 1 # of Individuals site 2 of Individuals
Carex / Site 1 # of Individuals= 167 + Site 2 # of Individuals 76
Conocarpus/ Site 1 # of Individuals=52 +Site 2 # of Individuals=0
Daucus carota/Site 1 # of Individuals= 94 +Site 2 # of Individuals=32
Lythrum salicaria/Site 1 # of Individuals= 0 +Site 2 # of Individuals= 347
Poylgonum / Site 1 # of Individuals= 63+ Site 2 # of Individuals= 29
Rumex crispus/ Site 1 # of Individuals= 23 +Site 2 # of Individuals= 4
Typha latifolia / Site 1 # of Individuals= 309 +Site 2 # of Individuals= 85 
A. Calculate the Shannon-Weiner Diversity Index for this community. Has purple loosestrife influenced diversity?
2. You are studying bird immigration to 2 small islands off the coast of San Diego, California; the islands are identical in size and habitats, but one is substantially further from the mainland. The maximum immigration rate is eight new bird species to one island each a year, and a maximum
extinction rate of 2. The other island has a maximum immigration rate of only 3. Based on the above information, you can make an appropriate assumption about extinction rate on the second island. There are 492 resident bird species in San Diego.
A. Assuming equilibrium on these islands, draw an appropriately labeled figure (with correct values) that includes the predicted patterns for the near and far island.
B. How many species do you predict to be on each island? (Note: I'm only looking for an estimation here, a specific pattern of diversity.)
C. Imagine 2 different islands - one close to the mainland and small, the other far from the mainland and large. Which island has more species? Defend your answer with 1 or more appropriately labeled figure(s).

Reference no: EM1390041

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