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1. Using the Annual Report of a publicly-traded company of your choosing, answer the following questions in this discussion.

  • What are the Sales (also called Net Sales, Net Revenue, or Operating Revenue) for the most recent three years? This is normally the largest number.
  • What are the Net Incomes (also called Net Earnings) for the most recent three years?
  • What are the average total assets?
  • Calculate the return on assets.
  • How does the company's return on assets compare to its competitors?
  • How well do you think this company is operating? Explain your answer.

2. Post the name of your selected company and the link to the statement with your discussion post. You may use a service such as Yahoo Finance to help research industry averages. The notes to the financial statements will also be of use in answering the discussion questions. For many of the ratios in the discussion, you will need 2-3 years' worth of financial data.

Reference no: EM131300493

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