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A manual material handling situation involves operators picking up a 25-pound box of textbooks from a shelf and placing it on a conveyor. Both the shelf and the conveyor are directly in front of the operator. The distance from the operator’s ankles to the center of the load when it is on the shelf is 10 inches. The handles on the box are at 10 inches above the floor when the box in on the shelf. When the box is set on the conveyor, the operators’ hands are 30 inches in front of their body. The hands are at a height of 36 inches when the box is placed on the conveyor. The task is performed for ten minutes, four times a day. Calculate the recommended weight limit (RWL) and the lifting index (LI) for this task.

Reference no: EM131152477

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Describe ways in which you might increase your leader power. The following are leader powers: (Reward power, coercive power, expert power, referent power or legitimate power)

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A security dealer recommends two types of investments A and B to his client Investment A returns 6% and B 8%.The client has almost Rs 100000 to invest. The client wants the to


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