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A borehole at a site for a proposed building reveals the following soil profile:


A building is to be constructed on this site with its foundation at 2 m below ground level. The building load is 30 MN and the foundation is rectangular with a width of 10 m and length of 15 m. A sample of the clay was tested in an oedometer, and the following results were obtained:


Calculate the primary consolidation settlement. Assuming that the primary consolidation took 5 years to achieve in the field, calculate the secondary compression for a period of 10 years beyond primary consolidation. The secondary compression index is Cc/6. [Hint: Determine ep for your σ'fin from a plot of e versus σ'z (log scale).]

Reference no: EM131137446

Determine diameter of 200 m section commercial steel pipe

determine diameter of 200 m section commercial steel pipe (darcy's friction factor f = 0.0115) that carries a flow of 0.24 m^3/s and allowable head loss ove the section is 3

What annual rate of return must the endowment fund earn

A permanent endowment at the University of Alabama is to award scholarships to engineering students. The awards are to be made beginning 5 years after the $10 million lump-sum

Determine the support reactions at the pin joints

Determine the support reactions at the pin joints A, E and I for the following three pin frame and determine the bending moment at the knees at C and at G. Also determine th

Find the temperature increase in the brake assembly

A car with mass 1275 kg is driven at 60 km/h when the brakes are applied quickly to decrease its speed to 20 km/h. Assume that the brake pads have a 0.5-kg mass with a heat

Determine what is the outlet air temperature

A total of 13,610 kg/h of air at 1 atm abs pressure and 15.6C is to be heated by passing over a bank of tubes in which steam at 100C is condensing. The tubes are 12.7mm OD,

How large a building is permitted

Obtain copies of your local zoning ordinance and building code (they may be in your library). Look up the applicable provisions of these documents for a specifi c site and b

Calculate fraction of total atrazine that will be adsorbed

Calculate the fraction of total atrazine that will be adsorbed to the soil given that the soil has an organic carbon content of 2.5%. The bulk density of the soil is 1.25 g/

What tube diameter is needed to ensure that the error

Pressure in a water container can be measured by an open vertical tube called a piezometer. If the expected water rise is about 26 cm, what tube diameter is needed to ensure


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