Calculate the potential methane production in one year

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Solid waste production in the United states was 4.3lbs/person-day. Calculate the potential methane production in one year for a land fill that serves a community of 50,000 people. Assume that none of the solid waste is recycled, that all the solid waste can decompose rapidly, and that the density of methane equals 0.717kg/m cubed

Reference no: EM13321361

Determine shear stress at each wall and max shear stress

The velocity distribution for the flow of oil (SAE 20W) at 150 degrees between two plates is given by y(y-4) mm/s, where y is measured in mm and the space between the plates

Does the distance the debris is moved affect optimal loading

The cost of running this fleet is $325/hr per truck. For a given contract, a total of 2,500 tons must be removed from one construction site and moved to another location 35

How far stream of section would expect to find uniform flow

The slope of the channel is .15% and the mannings roughness coefficient is .038. estimate the depth 100m upstream of a section where the flow depth is 2.2m using the standar

Determine the largest couple moment m0 the beam willsupport

If L = 9 m, the beam will fail when the maximum shear force is Vmax = 5 kN or the maximum bending moment is Mmax = 22 kN · m. Determine the largest couple moment M0 the beam

Determine the force in each wire

The chandelier is supported by die four wires shown. Determine the force in each wire. Because of symmetry, the force in all four wires can be assumed to have the same value

What is the head that must be added by the pump

The moist unit weight of a soil is 19.kN/m^3. Given that specific gravity is 2.72 and water content is 10.6%, calculate dry unit weight, void ratio, porosity, and degree of sa

Calculate the diameter of therope needed to support the load

A load of 14 tonnes is suspended at the end of a steel rope.If the load is subjected to a maximum acceleration/deceleration of2.5m/s2, when raised and lowered, calculate the

Show that the car must have exceeded the speed limit of 55

highway patrol officer, you are patricipating in a speed trap. A car passes your patrol car which you clock at 55 mph. One and a half minutes later, your partner in another pa


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