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The receipts for ZXY’s proposed Project A are estimated to be $6,000 in the first year; $4,500 in the second, and $1,500 in the third. Another project on the ZXY docket, Project B, would bring in $4,000 a year over 3 years. Using an interest rate of 6% for both Projects A and B, calculate the net present value (NPV) of these expected receipts for Project A, and given that forgoing Project A would result in the equivalent of an inflow of $4,000 per year, what should the firm do: go with Project A or avoid the cost and/or look for a more profitable project?

Reference no: EM13902434

Indicate the role cost would play

How would you incorporate environmental responsibility in the product development process? How would you incorporate green marketing in it? Support your choice to go green,

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What does the phrase "piercing the corporate veil" mean? When might the corporate veil be pierced ? How does this philosophy compare with that of many U.S. trading partners ?

Aggregate production schedule for constant workforce

Shoney Video Concepts produces a line of video streaming servers that are linked to personal computers for storing movies. These devices have very fast access and large storag

Describe components of social-cognitive theory

Analyze one of your habits. How did you develop this habit? Were there role models for this habit? Which people influenced the adoption of this habit?Why do you continue it?

Game theory-payoff matrix for one-shot prisoners dilemma

Draw a payoff matrix for the one-shot prisoners' dilemma (one-shot PD); where the four payoffs (T, R, P, S) = (12, 10, 5, 3), and Ci means player i chooses to cooperate (C) an

Discuss the shortage of staffing in healthcare

Are there differences in how patients view healthcare vs. how providers view it. Can this result in disagreements about care. Discuss the shortage of staffing in healthcare.

Indicate the critical path

Create a Gantt chart that maps to your academic career—the courses you have taken, the courses you are currently enrolled in, and the courses you expect to take in the future.

Describe the ultimate goal of the product campaign

Describe the ultimate goal of the product campaign for the new shampoo. Discuss your methods for achieving this goal. Identify the components of marketing, pricing, and distri


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