Calculate the linear misclosure and relative precision

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Balance by the compass rule the departures and latitudes listed in the following closed-polygon traverse. Calculate the linear misclosure, relative precision, and adjusted lengths and bearings

Line                         AB                  BC                  CD                    DA

Distance (ft)           536.10            513.20            392.40              593.80

Departure (ft)         +423.95          -386.31           -356.14            +318.45

Latitude (ft)            +328.14          +337.85          +164.75            -501.19

Reference no: EM13309416

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The decarburization of carbon from a steel with an overall composition Co = 0.3wt% carbon can be expressed by the equation: Cx= Co.erf(z). If the steel is decarburized in vacu

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The floating platform is supported at each corner by a hollow sealed cylinder 1 m in diameter. The platform itself weights 30kN is air, and each cylinder weighs 1.0kN/meter

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An S 12x40.8 of A36 steel in a building is supported as a simple beam having a span equal to 17ft 6in. and carries a uniform load equal to 1.60 klf, which includes the weight


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