Calculate the inlet density and initial velocity of methane

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Pure methane initially at 3000 psi, 65 oF enters a pipeline of 12-in inside diameter, at a rate of 70 lb/s. Using the generalized compressibility factor chart, calculate the inlet density and initial velocity of methane.

Reference no: EM13707384

Determine the design heating load due to infiltration

A large manufacturing space with an average floor to ceiling height of 30 ft has a floor area of 5000 ft^2. The total infiltration rate for the space is estimated to be 1.5 ai

Find and use values at or close to that temperature

Use finite volume to compute the steady-state temperature profile in the sheet relative to Tref. Use a thermal conductivity in the sheet of 205 W/m-K. Assume the properties

What maximum shear stress is experienced by outer surface

This causes tangential and axial stresses in the outer surface of 400 and 200 MPa, respectively. Make a Mohr circle representation of the stresses in the outer surface. What

Regenerative rankine cycle with one closed feedwater heater

Water is the working fluid in an ideal regenerative Rankine cycle with one closed feedwater heater. Superheated vapor enters the turbine at 10 MPa, 480 C and the condenser pre

In a specific type of heat exchanger

In a specific type of heat exchanger, a very hot jet of air is cooled from 145 degrees centigrade to 100 degrees centigrade by a cold stream of water. The water temperature mu

Calculate the drift velocity of electrons

1. Briefly tell what is meant by the drift velocity and mobility of a free electron.2. (a) Calculate the drift velocity of electrons in silicon at room temperature and when t

Find the natural frequencies of vibration of the balloon

A hot-air balloon of mass m is used to lift a load, Mg, by means of 12 equally spaced elastic ropes, each of stiffness k (see Fig. 5.60). Find the natural frequencies of vib

Heat pump operating between hot and cold reservoirs

At steady state, a heat pump provides energy by heat transfer at the rate of 25,000 Btu/h to maintain a dwelling at 708F on a day when the outside temperature is 308F. The p


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