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1. A bottling machine produces an average of 11,500 units per week during the winter months, when its maximum sustainable throughput is 15,000 units per week. During the summer months, the machine produced 16,000 units per week when its maximum sustainable throughput was raised to 20,000 per week.

Calculate the capacity utilization of the machine during the winter based on the above information.

2. Fabricating Solutions in Minnesota manufactures widgets, and the company’s effective capacity is 2 units in 5 minutes. The company is usually open 12 hours per day (2 shifts per day and each shift is 6 hours each day) and 20 days for each month. The actual output for February was 4,750 units, and the actual output for March was 5,200 units.

Find the capacity utilization in March at Fabricating Solutions from the information provided above.

Reference no: EM132184111

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