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Ghost Squadron Historical Aircraft, Inc. (GSHAI) is considering adding a rare World War II B-24 bomber to its collection of vintage aircraft. The plane was forced down in Burma in 1942, and it has remained there ever since. Flying a crew to Burma and collecting the wreckage will cost $100,000. Transporting all the parts to the company's restoration facility in Texas will cost another $35,000. Restoring the plane to flyable condition will cost an additional $600,000 at t0. GSHAI'soperating costs will increase by $40,000 a year at the end of years 1 through 7(on top of the restoration costs). At the end of years 3 through 7, revenues from exhibiting the plane at airshows will be $70,000. At the end of year 7, the plane will be retired. At that time, the plane will be sold to a museum for $500,000. The plane falls into the MACRS depreciation class for seven-year assets. GSHAI's combined federal and state income tax rate is 35 percent, and the company's weighted average cost of capital is 12 percent. Calculate the NPV and IRR of the proposed investment in the plane.

Reference no: EM131435177

Irr and npv rank the two projects

A.  What are the IRRs of the two projects? B.  If your discount rate is 5.1%, what are the NPV's of the two projects? C.  Why do IRR and NPV rank the two projects differently?

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Calculation of yield to maturity of a bond

What is the current yield on a government bond, issued exactly five years ago, that has a current market price of $5866 and pays an annual coupon payment of $350, and mature


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