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For the process you chose in 1-3, set the following values: process target (Ï ), upper specification (U), and lower specification (L). Then take appropriate samples to estimate the process mean (µ) and the process standard deviation (Ï ).

Calculate the following for your process:

Defectives per Million Opportunities (DPMO)


Process capability ratio (Cp)

Process capability index (Cpk)

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According to the question we are to check quality control process so that there are no problems and there is no wastage of resources. Mean number of detectives show that that average number of defectives that can be taken out of samples chosen and accordingly yield is that quantity which is of good quality and not defective. According to my knowledge the process capability ratio and index are same things so I calculated it once. The graph has been attached so that there is no inconvenience to understand the problem.

Reference no: EM131301395

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