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Your start-up organization’s mission is to educate the mothers in your state about the importance of vaccinating their children. The board of directors hired you as executive director because you have successively run small, nonprofit organizations in the past, and you have a reputation as a savvy fundraiser.

The state government has given you a large grant to fund this health initiative, but you realize during the budgeting process that you have a financial shortfall of approximately $100,000. What will you do? (Adapted from Burke & Friedman, 2011, p. 146)

Answer the following questions:

One method of reducing the financial shortfall is to appeal to the state government for additional funding using a cost-benefit analysis or a cost-effective analysis. How would you calculate a cost-benefit analysis or a cost-effective analysis for your project?

Another method of reducing your financial shortfall is to identify interested non-government donors who would support your project. What kind of non-government donors do you think would support your project and how would you find them?

Another method of reducing your financial shortfall is to reduce your expenses.What do you think would be the major expenses associated with your project and how would you decide which expenses to cut?

Reference no: EM131181097

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