Calculate and display average grade for the class
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Programming Assignment for visual studio community

The objective of this individual project is to create a complete C# Windows application and the related design document. The program is based on the following specifications and instructions.

Calculate and display average grade for the class.

Clearly identify which methods you choose to include in the project (filling arrays from textboxes, populating the Listbox from the array, clearing the form, resetting the form, calculating the average, etc.).

Your solution must include the following:

• A array or arrays (single or multidimensional)

• The following parts in addition to the complete source code:

o A problem analysis chart with sections for given information, required results, processing required to obtain the results, and solution alternatives

o A flowchart showing the program processing flow

o An algorithm in pseudocode describing the steps the program will perform

• A brief description of any challenges you encountered including compilation errors, logic errors, or runtime errors that you had to resolve.

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