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Q. In 1963 the Saturday Evening Post featured an article entitled "The Story of a College Football Fix," characterized in the subtitle as "A Shocking Report of Explain how Wally Butts also Bear Bryant Rigged a Game Last Fall." Butts was athletic director of the University of Georgia, also Bryant was head coach of the University of Alabama. The article was based on a claim by one George Burnett which he had accidentally overheard a long-distance telephone conversation among Butts also Bryant in the course of which Butts divulged information on plays Georgia would use in the upcoming game against Alabama. The writer assigned to the story by the Post was not a football expert, did not interview either Butts or Bryant, also did not personally see the notes Burnett had made of the telephone conversation. Butts admitted which he had a long-distance telephone conversation with Bryant but denied which any advance information on prospective football plays was given. Butts brought a libel suit against the Post?

Reference no: EM1396201

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