Business strategy and strategic human resource management
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In the modern era, the managerial functions and activities are being very complicated. A manager is expected to have multi talent, high quality of right decision making, higher knowledge and skills to perform multi task in the same time.

This report speaks of:-

1. Introduction

2. Strategic human resource management

3. Changing scenario of personnel functions

4. Shift in HR management practices in India

5. Strategy

6. Strategy formulation

7. Strategy Evaluation

8. Strategy execution

9. Financial and stakeholders perspective

10. Business strategy

11. Steps in strategy formulation

12. HR strategy

13. Conclusion


The SHRM also consider the business strategy of the organization then it makes the effective hr strategy, linked with other strategies of the organization. Hence how SHRM is linked with the business strategy of the organization and how they are important to each other, it is very important to know.

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