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When we realise that the interaction of all three(the law, politics and ethics can influence our wallets our ability to purchase a home as well as our children's or grandchildren's ability to live like we do is it our job as business professionals to avoid unethical behaviour which will set off the Newton's cradle? For instance - the U.S. home mortgage disaster has impacted the world's global economy. Do we have a principled responsibility to do something about this? What other industries have had main international impacts caused by the U.S. actions? And what is it that we must do?

Reference no: EM1380410

Negative consequences to businesses

Trade policies have both positive and negative consequences to businesses, consumers, and governments. A company in Japan recently proposed a revolutionary new concept for h

Robins move to dismiss the case under the theory

Punitive damages in Canada are rarely allowed. Robins & Robins move to dismiss the case under the theory of sovereign immunity. Will Robins & Robins win this motion using t

Annual simple interest

Explain which of the two options below results in a lower balance after 6 months on an investment of $6,000. Annual simple interest of 12% applied at the end of 6 months.

Identifying dependent and independent variables

In the equation below what are the dependent and independent variables and Does the way we use the equal sign change which variables are dependent and independent?

Job dissatisfaction and turnover

What are some of the major causes of job dissatisfaction and turnover at your organization? - What specific actions can be taken to reduce turnover and improve morals and job

Discussing it and privacy issues

When discussing IT and privacy issues, the problem of identity theft always comes up. As we all know, identity theft is a huge problem these days. What are the consequences of

Situational determinants in fiedler''s leadership theory

Discuss the three situational determinants in Fiedler's leadership theory that allow a leader to determine the favorableness or unfavorableness of a situation for leading.

Communication and distribution of apple inc

Show two new product ideas that can result from your product, and address the needs of your target segments - What types of retailers will your company use for distributing yo


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