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1. What is marketing plan, and how does it differ from a business plan?

2. Describe the three levels of business planning: strategic, funcional and operational planning.

3. An example of a common law contact and a contract under the UCC including all elements?

4. What elements are similar between common law contracts and contracts under the UCC.

5. How do these differences affect the contracts and breaches common law contracts and contracts under the UCC.

Reference no: EM131432832

Component of the cost of building the new road

Suppose that the construction of a new road by the government would divert traffic from an older road, thereby driving some of the gas stations on the older road out of busine

Which threat of entry creates a barrier by forcing entrants

What Human Resource component within its operating environment is a major element of a firm's ability to satisfy its personnel needs. Which threat of entry creates a barrier

Successful implementation of different types of strategy

Consistency is the key for the successful implementation of different types of strategy.’ Evaluate this statement with reference to the two generic business - level strategies

The securitys marketability and liquidity

What is an IPO, and what role does an investment banker play in the process? Suppose you own a security that you know can be easily sold in the secondary market, but the secur

Overall financial performance of the organization

Develop a listing of what you believe are the most important metrics for operations managers. (Hint: Be sure to consider the triple bottom line.) How does each metric support

Recalculate the expected project back on schedule

Calculate the es, ef, ls, and lf, times and the slack for each activity in the figure below, and identify the critical path for the project. can the project be complete in 30

Calculate the breakeven point

Maverick Backpacks makes backpacks. They have a monthly fixed cost level of $50,000 and marginal costs of $3.00 per backpack. They wholesale their backpacks for $10.00 each.

Developing private sector managed care programs

What are some of the reasons Medicaid managed care is more complex than developing private sector managed care programs and has led to more specialized firms dominating this m


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