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What ethical issues have you encountered with business as a manager, employee, customer or other stakeholder?  What values were involved?  How was the situation resolved?  What would you do differently if you could go through the situation again from the beginning?

Reference no: EM13820901

Contribution of this company to social security

The average clerical wages in your company (that is, the average salary of all the clerical employees working in your firm in that particular metropolitan location) are as fol

Frequent customer may generate over long period of time

In order to make clear to your front office staff the values of an individual customer, how could you calculate the revenue a frequent customer may generate over a long period

Analyze the efforts of google to manage

Analyze the efforts of google to manage or overcome each of these challenges. Support with evidence from a source. What would you do differently in managing those efforts? In

Identify nontraditional business event

Identify a nontraditional business event, such as forecasting demand for t-shirts following the Super Bowl, or the amount of relief aid needed following an earthquake. What do

What leadership style would be the most effective

You are responsible for all of Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Scandinavian countries. How will you approach the leadership role? What leadership

Requirement that servers be attractive to males

Cruz Villaraigosa owns and manages The Cruz Cantina, a lively bar and dance club that serves Cuban and other Caribbean-style cuisine. The club has a dance floor, small tables,

Company ever too small or too large to adequately manage

Some companies are so small there is not an IS/IT department. This is in contrast to larger companies that most often have at least one person in the company responsible for I

Differentiate between value-creation processes

Discuss the importance of employees and information technology in the delivery of service quality. Use two examples of service firms to help support your discussion. Different


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