Building teams and resolving conflict
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Building Teams and Resolving Conflict

You have just attended a manager's meeting about establishing self-directed, high-performing teams. The company is concerned because some of the managers are having success building self-directed, high-performing teams while others are not. A discussion occurred that identified the characteristics of the successful team building elements and compared them to those managers that have not been successful. This is a situation where those who are struggling need to learn from those who are doing well. The discussions included identifying what could be going wrong and what steps might be taken for success.

You have been asked to write a research report that summarizes the meeting and offers some recommendations that might be helpful to those managers who are struggling. Specifically, your report must include:

Identification of the difficulties the managers may be having in establishing self-directed, high-performing teams

Identification of the successful characteristic of establishing self-directed, high-performing teams

Recommendations for success

A designed plan that might help guide the struggling managers and improve negotiation and conflict resolution skills

Use the Library and Internet to research this topic.

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