Building information modelling for infrastructure delivery

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) for infrastructure delivery in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A vehicle for business transformation.



Element a: Project Proposal and Research Plan

Element b Literature Review with proposed methodology

Element c: Oral Presentation

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Reference no: EM13858425

What are the potential benefits to client and project team

What are the potential benefits to the client and the project team of engaging the design leader on a lump-sum fee basis? Should the design leader be responsible for the err

What is the elevation of the curve at station of the pvi

An equal-tangent crest curve connects a +2% initial grade with a -1% final grade, and is designed for 55 mi/h. The station of the PVI is 233 + 40 with elevation 1203 ft.

Calculate the steady state p concentration in the lake

A) calculate the steady state P concentration in the lake B)Creek A has been identified as the easiest to control. What would the P concentration have to be reduced to in Cr

How long does it take before 10 percent of the students

A campus has 5000 students. After the Christmas break one student returns carrying a flu virus. Assume that the rate at which the virus spreads is proportional to the number o

What is the minimum detention time in hours to settle out

The settling velocity of alum floc in a sedimentation basin is approximately 0.0014 fps. Calculate the equivalent overflow rate in gpd/ft2. What is the minimum detention time

Determine the hydraulic conductivity of an artesian aquifer

An experiment was conducted to determine the hydraulic conductivity of an artesian aquifer. The piezometric heads at two points 150m apart were found to be 55 m and 48.5 m a

Compute the degree of the curve given the radius r

Use the chord definition to compute the curve parameters L, T, E, M, LC, R, and stations of the PC and PT for the railroad curve with DC = 2deg0'00', I=18deg,0'00' and PI st

What is concentration of compound a that remains after 16hrs

A first order reaction takes place in a batch reactor to remove an undesired contaminant (compound A) from a drinking water. The rate constant = 2.0 per day. The initial con


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