Building information modelling for infrastructure delivery

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) for infrastructure delivery in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A vehicle for business transformation.



Element a: Project Proposal and Research Plan

Element b Literature Review with proposed methodology

Element c: Oral Presentation

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Reference no: EM13858425

Where are located the stagnation points

Using the software 2DFlowPlus, investigate the flow pattern resulting by addition of one source (strength +5) at (X = +3, Y = 0) and one sink (strength -5) at (X = -3, Y = 0

Determine by trigonometry the corresponding magnitude of r

Knowing that the magnitude of P is 35 N, determine by trigonometry (a) the required angle a if the resultant R of the two forces applied to the support is to be horizontal,

Determine the magnitude of theacceleration at the instant

A car travels along a horizontal circular curved road that has aradius of 600 m. If the speed is uniformly increased at a rate of2000 km/ h2 , determine the magnitude of theac

Derive a relation for the cop of the two-stage refrigeration

Derive a relation for the COP of the two-stage refrigeration system with a flash chamber as shown in Fig. 11-12 in terms of the enthalpies and the quality at state 6. Consid

Determine the magnitudes of the horizontal and vertical

A man having the mass of 77 kg sits in the chair which is pin-connected to the frame BC. If the man is always seated in an upright position, determine the magitudes of the hor

Determine the elastic modulus of the composite material

An SAE steel wire (1mm diameter) is coated with another cover to form a composite material with diameter of 2 mm.a) determine the elastic modulus of the composite material;

Determine the shear and moment diagram

A glass window contains a water body as shown below. Assuming the glass cross section is simply supported on the horizontal direction, and that the hydrostatic pressure varies

Write an essay paper on zaha hadid architects

With this ambition in mind. write an essay of 1200 - 1400 words on the recent work of one of the following practices. Gehry Partners. Zaha Hadid Architects. Morphosis Archit


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