Bribery based on the foreign corrupt practices act

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Mini Case: You are Contract Manager for a Walmart (Cifra) in Mexico and are requesting permission from the local authorities to build another facility in Mexico City. You have established all the necessary networking and you think you have a real good shot at getting this contract. Then a government official approaches you and, in so many words, requests that you provide for a “ special fee” to facilitate the bidding process…..meaning that if you pay this supposed “fee”…you stand a real good chance of beating out the competition (Costco). After reading this mini case, in your 500 words post, please discuss what you would do. You're required to list all possible solutions and pick one solution by explaining why it is the best option. Please note that US laws prohibit such practices of bribery based on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Reference no: EM132281042

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