Break down the segmentation variables

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Break down the segmentation variables used for Baby Boomers, Gen X, GenY/Millennials and Gen Z. Compare the major differences and recommend one new and unique variable for each segment. Provide a rationale for your response. You can create your own chart or use this one.

Reference no: EM131224511

Quantify the resulting change in their inventory costs

Demand for an item is Normally distributed with a mean of 1,000 units a month and a standard deviation of 100 units. Currently they check stock every three months and lead tim

What is the benefit of using written contracts

What is the benefit of using written contracts? What drawbacks might there be in using written contracts? Should all contracts be required to be in writing in order to be enfo

Daily dessert plan that would to maximize total taste index

Maggie Stewart loves desserts but due to weight and cholesterol concerns, she has decided that she must plan her desserts carefully. There are two possible desserts she is con

Aw method to evaluate investment

The system will cost $50,000 and will have no market value at the end of five year study period. The store's MARR is 20% per year. Use the AW method to evaluate this investm

What are the characteristics of a lean supply chain

What are the characteristics of a lean supply chain? Choose one of the major supply chain functions (production, warehousing, logistics, customers) and describe how a lean v

What is the expected project length

Task time estimates for the modification of an assembly line at Jim Goodale's Carbondale, Illinois, factory are as follows: Draw the project network using AON. Identify the c

Make comparison between them regarding to what benefits

Two employees are working for the same company ,one old employee has been working many years for the company and the other one is a fresh employee. Make a comparison between t

Reduce pressures on managers and decrease ethical conflicts

American Products Corporation participates in a highly competitive industry. In order to meet this competition and achieve profit goals, the company has chosen the decentraliz


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