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This assessment is based on a short article that reviews the BP Oil Case Study and the Queensland floods (this article can be found on Moodle).

The purpose of this assessment is to apply public relations theory and principles to these two case studies. Use the article on Moodle as a starting point. You are required to read the public relations literature on both cases, as well as peer review scholarly articles and your textbook (see Reference List in Unit Outline), before attempting to answer each of the following questions.

1. Identify the publics in the BP and Queensland floods case studies? (100 words)

2. Segment and Prioritise the Publics? (150 words)

3. What different approaches were adopted by the leaders in the two cases? (200 words)

4. Define corporate image. How does it differ from corporate reputation? (250 words)

5. If you had been the CEO of BP what different strategies and tactics would you have adopted? (300 words)

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Reference no: EM13733647

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