Binary value and the hexadecimal value

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Write a program that will read in a binary number (base 2) and a hexadecimal value (base 16). Your program then calculates and shows the equivalent decimal values for both the binary value and the hexadecimal value.

Reference no: EM13906388

Create subclasses instead of fields within the main class

Post a response that describes the application you choose and the class within that application - Identify one or two key distinctions within that class that would prompt you

Requests 2 numbers from the user and then passes

Write a program in java that requests 2 numbers from the user and then passes these 2 numbers to a method findMax that displays the largest number. Make sure your method is

Develop java applet that will help elementary school student

Develop a Java applet that will help an elementary school student learn multiplication. Use the Math.random method or a Random object to produce two positive one-digit in

Uses a 2-d array to store the highest and lowest temperature

Write a program that uses a 2-D array to store the highest and lowest temperatures for each montjh of the year. The program should output the average high, average low, and

Implement simple java program to input syllabus grades

To implement simple Java program to input (hypothetical) syllabus grades, computing and displaying both normal Mean and Harmonic Mean.

Steps to create the drawing of a can

For Exam 2, you were asked to outline the steps to create the drawing of a can For this exam, cr.te a program that allows the user to configure the drawing of a car. Your ca

Write the methods used in section two of main

Write the constructor for the SortTraversableLinkedList. It should create the head and tail nodes, and set the size of the list to 0, as in a typical linked list.

Java shape program console

Program is adequately documented. It's comments identifies its name, purpose, author and date. Throughout the code, comments and/or relevant component names should attempt t


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