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Jim Corner, owner of Corner Bike Rentals, wants to start analyzing his company's quality. For each bike rental, there are four types of customer complaints: (1) bike not working properly, (2) wrong bike size, (3) bike uncomfortable, and (4) bike broken during operation. During the past week, his company rented 280 bikes. He received a total of twenty-six complaints. What is his company's DPMO for the past week? What is the Six Sigma level?

Reference no: EM131118932

Change in multifactor productivity between the two systems

Woodland Furniture is a small manufacturer of kitchen chairs with 5 workers. The cost of labor is $15 per hour and workers work 40 hours in a week. The overhead cost is assume

More money is spent on medical care

Research shows that much more money is spent on medical care for the elderly today than 50 years ago. What is the likely reason? Do today’s elderly tend to be sicker and more

Job titles that health services administration majors

Research 10 career potential opportunities and job titles that Health Services Administration majors can hold, also discuss the anticipated growth of the profession, and in wh

Specialized in selling electrical vehicles-hybrid vehicles

A car dealership is specialized in selling Electrical Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Vehicles (HV). The demand for each vehicle type is sensitive to its price as well as to the pri

Government intervention in education market is politician

Programs to educate disabled children and the resources associated with those programs is which of the following? A politician claims that government should intervene in the e

Management could have done in terms of risk management

Discuss what management could have done in terms of risk management to have prevented the events that lead to the lawsuit. Discuss the ethical considerations reflected in the

Venture to the point of a successful initial public offering

While Internet entrepreneurs worked hard to get their venture to the point of a successful initial public offering (IPO), many discovered that their organizational issues chan

Determining the first impressions

The authors of First Impressions say that making a good first impression means making the person you meet feel positive toward you. When you have contact with someone, do yo


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