Big-o running time of the algorithm

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Represent the following input 12, 3, 51, 8, 10, 55, 16 in order to get a maximum binary heap. Illustrate each step of the algorithm. What is the Big-O running time of the algorithm?

Reference no: EM132280994

Epic electronic health record

Dynamic Health System has implemented the Epic Electronic Health Record and the integrated patient portal. The portal is branded as "myDynamic Health" and is used for basic

Calculating the return on investment

Calculate the return on investment for both stores using current numbers for the expansion project and for the stores after expansion. (hint: set the answer up as ROI before

Books and supplies at the rival college

After graduating from high school, Steve had three choices, listed in order of preference: (1) matriculate at our campus, (2) work in a printed circuit board factory, or (3)

Critique the salesperson technique

During the next few weeks, you will need to go to or be involved in 3 sales establishments/ situations / transactions of any kind - retail, wholesale, internal or external sa

Plaintiff unmistakably saw the wet floor sign

There are essentially two defences the grocery store could use in this situation. Contributory Negligence which is where the plaintiffs own fault aided to the injury. The pl

What company does to protect its business and manage risks

Explain what the company does to protect its business and manage risks. Analyze cost savings by determining the return on investment (ROI) for one product offered by the compa

Why an organization must expect the implementation

Discuss why an organization must expect the implementation of an ERP to disrupt operations.Scalability has several dimensions. What are they? What do they mean for ERP install

Compare and contrast path goal theory

Compare and contrast Path-Goal Theory and Normative Decision Theory with a focus on which you believe leads to the most effective organizational leadership. Provide specific e


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