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The welcome message for this week says the following: "Being a sustainable and environmentally conscious company is not only good for the planet, it is also a great way for companies to be more efficient, save money, and get an edge on the competition." Do you believe this statement? Do you believe some of it? Do you think it's all wrong? Why do you think as you do about this subject, and have you studied alternative views? do not post a image or photo Provide a link to an article that supports your views and provide a link to an article that opposes your view. Explain which article offers the best information and why. Please give me a new answer and no images.

Reference no: EM132280811

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explain why is the diagnosis of the problem so important in the change management process? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to having a union within an organization.

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A machine process is capable of producing a component with an average specification of 5 inches and a process standard deviation of 0.1 inch. Suppose the customer accepts the


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