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Company is replacing existing equipment with new equipment which can replicate what the existing machine does and also support a new product line.

Old equipment was purchased 3 years ago for 100,000 and was being depreciated using a MACRS 5 year asset class depreciation schedule. It was expected to have a 15,000 salvage value at the end of year 5 when it was planned to be sold. The company is considering replacing it now with a new machine. The old machine can be sold today for 35,000.

New machine will cost 180,000 and is expected to have an economic life of 8 years but is expected to use the MACRS 5 year asset class depreciation schedule for tax purposes. It is expected to have a salvage value of 12% of the original equipment costs at the end of 8 years. The remaining operational years beyond the depreciation tax schedule will not have any depreciation expense but will continue to have operational impact.

The new machine will require an increase in working capital of 10,000 in the first year of the project and will be fully recovered at the end of the project.

The new equipment is expected to increase revenue by 40,000 per year and reduce costs by 5,000 per year before tax impact and consideration of depreciation impact of the new machine.

Cost of Capital is 10% and Tax Rate is 40%.

A: Base Case scenario

Calculate the project’s NPV

What is your recommendation?

B: Alternate Analysis Scenarios

What if revenue impact was only 50% of projections for the first 4 years what would be the impact on NPV?

What if cost reduction assumptions were not realized and no operational costs savings were achieved? What would the impact on NPV be?

What if both alternative scenarios happened concurrently

Reference no: EM13786254

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