Barcode readers are one way of doing batch processing.

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User experience refers to minimizing the number of clicks or commands to go from one field to another.

When creating user interfaces, analysts should examine DFDs and use cases to see how users commonly perform various processes.

The three most common approaches to interface design prototyping are: Storyboard, HTTP prototype, and Language Prototype.

A ‘hierarchical evaluation’ examines the interface prototype by comparing it to a set of ‘hierarchies’ or principles for interface design (i.e. the prototype is compared to a list of expectations).

Barcode readers are one way of doing batch processing.

The two primary ways to optimize a relational database are (a) for storage efficiency and (b) for using the smallest amount of space.

When changing from logical data models to physical data models, you will want to change the attributes of the logical ERD to fields in the physical ERD.

A database that is used extensively in data warehousing is multidimensional database.

The standard method language for accessing the data in relational database tables is SQL – Standard Query Logic.

Referential integrity is the idea of ensuring that values linking the tables together through the primary and foreign keys are valid and correctly synchronized.

Client-server scalability is greater than server-based scalability.

Server-based architecture is not more secure than client-based architecture.

Client-based architecture is complex and there is minimal chance of network circuits being overloaded due to growing network applications.

Client computers, Servers and Networks are the three primary hardware components of a system.

An example of an asymmetric encryption algorithm is public key encryption.

Reference no: EM13965623

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