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What would be the employment laws applicable to would they would be applied in this scenario, why. Explain if you had to fire her 30-year-old female. She is originally from South America, and is fluent in 3 languages in addition to English, which is very helpful to the company's marketing efforts. She holds a Bachelors degree in Advertising and was the public relations person assigned to the team. When at work, she does a very good job but she has missed multiple days lately because she is early in a pregnancy. her husband has recently lost his job and she has expressed to you her concerns for her job and continued.

Could you let me know when you get this. I have had problems in the past. Would you be able to answer within a hour health care during her pregnancy. She recognizes her attendance problems and has promised to be better in her attendance just as soon as she gets past her morning sickness.

Reference no: EM131217110

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