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1) In any operation, variability can be buffered by all except: a) Time b) Capacity c) Cost reduction programs d) Inventory e) None of the above

2) A process control chart: a) Assumes that 99.74% of special cause variation will fall between upper and lower limits b) Has upper and lower control limits set at ± 2 standard deviations from the center line c) Separates the special cause of variation from the common cause of variation d) Assigns causes of variation to operator, machine, or material

3) According to Senge, all are true except a) It is fairly easy for company’s to fall into the trap of the “The Boiled Frog Parable” b) Many times, a manager that appears to be proactive may actually behave in a tacit reactive manner c) Good managers can notice gradual processes that could be a longer term threat d) Business teams often tend to work effectively and collaboratively and solve tough business problems e) All are true

4) The average global output of an dependent system with variation will always be: a) Equal to average output of its local operations b) Totally unpredictable c) Will be less than the average output of its local operations d) Greater than average output of its components e) None of the above

5) A company states that it’s primary goal is to increase customer service. Which of the following are necessary conditions? I. Customer satisfaction II. Employee satisfaction III. Profit requirements IV. Government regulatory compliance a) I and III b) II and IV c) II, III and IV d) All

6) Baumol’s disease predictions include all except: a) Prices of health will relatively rise b) Prices of college tuition will relatively rise c) Wage for luxury personal-service jobs will likely relatively rise d) Wages for ordinary personal- service jobs will increase dramatically e) All are true predictions

Reference no: EM13901895

Flooding fit within the preexisting duty exception

Why doesn’t the additional hardship associated with the flooding fit within the preexisting duty exception? When and why would you pay a salesperson based on a combined salary

Project management and technical risks

Two estimating methods are parametric estimating and 3-point estimates. Explain how these could mitigate risks within two of the RBS headings used worldwide “project managemen

Do some research on international positions

Do some research on international positions that may interest you on a career websites such as Monster.com. Post in the discussion area one of the positions that you think you

Local data processing center

A computer operator at the local data processing center decides to visit work on a Monday evening. She has a key to the outside door, and since there is no key required for

Customers in three locations at grid locations

We have customers in three locations at grid locations (2,6), (5,1), and (2,2). Each area needs the same quantity. Where is the center of gravity?We have customers in three lo

Using the scoring model to resolve the equipment selection

Using the scoring model to resolve the following equipment selection problem. A choice is to be made between two alternative information technology (IT) systems. The following

Calculate the profit gain

Calculate the profit gain, both in absolute dollars as well as in absolute dikkars as well as in terms of percentages gains, by ying TOC principles for determining product m

Step of the risk management process is being performed

The project officer is considering whether to purchase an extended warranty for a commercial off-the-shelf item. What step of the risk management process is being performed?


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