Attributes associated with the development of groupthink

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1. Explain the attributes associated with the development of groupthink.? Next, provide suggestions to address or minimize the development of groupthink.

2. What are the five main things you would do to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce? Please provide examples. 500 words

3. If you are working as CEO of HP, what are your proposed marketing strategies? 500 words with reference.

Reference no: EM132280774

Employer mandate under the new affordable care act

What is the "employer mandate" under the new Affordable Care Act?  Are all employers subject to the act? If npt, what would be the incentive for employer's not subject to the

What you think will be the greatest potential roadblock

The stakeholders in the USPS Company comprised of the employees, sales manager, and the customers. According to the data from the tool, it seems the stakeholders had a negativ

Onsider an electric part with two components in series

2. Consider an electric part with two components in series (component A and componentB). Component A has a reliability of 88%, while component B has a reliability of 94%. Itis

What monthly volume is needed to break even

A pottery maker is considering adding a new plant for additional capacity. The proposed facility will have fixed costs of $9250 per month and variable costs of $0.60 per unit

Describe a firm pursuing a product differentiation strategy

Although cost leadership is perhaps less relevant for firms pursuing product differentiation, costs are not totally irrelevant. What advice about costs would you give a firm

Firms strategic mission-strategy and competitive priorities

define the firms strategic mission, strategy, and competitive priorities. what are the order qualifiers and winners? what would operations have to be good at to make this a su

How much more expensive is the slower method

The most important inventory item has annual holding costs of $550.00. One method of shippng this item is 4 days faster than the other, but it is $1.65 more per item. How much

Systems transition and cutover

What are the various methods from transitioning from an old system currently in production to a new system that will replace it? What are the risks and returns associated with


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