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When you think about attending a high end business meeting or an important interview, do ever wish you could wear a luxury accessory like all the other executives? Our business is able to fulfill that need, in pleasing consumers to rent luxury accessories as handbags, sunglasses, luggage, watches, and necklaces for a fraction of the original price. All our items will be used items either purchased or donated from a third party website/company. In providing customers the satisfaction to rent a luxury item of their desire at a low cost in compare of competitors. Satisfying the user, to wear a luxury accessory which they might not afford is our ultimate goal. Our company is run through our online website with an app that allows the user to rent the accessory they need. Also, we provide the option to the consumer of joining our prime membership at a minimum cost of $29.99 monthly, the benefits of joining our membership is that will maintain our items at a discount price. In addition, we will not require a deposit for a future purchase.Furthermore, our prime members will have the option to purchase an insurance plan for the items.. In purchase of insurance, if an item is ripped or destroyed, the cost will be covered by us. This will enable the customer, to not be liable and to be ultimately stress free while wearing the item. Our products will be the highest of luxury. If you want a handbag for an expensive weekend in the city with your friends or a nice watch for a business deal/interview, this website is the way to go. Our business is unique in supplying the needs of individuals that are not able to afford to purchase a luxury item. For customers that have the desire to wear a luxury item but not have the income to purchase we propose buyers to rent from Expresso lusso which is different from existing solutions because we promise high luxury items at a low cost and satisfaction guaranteed.

a. What is the size of your addressable market?

b. How much of your addressable market do you believe you can penetrate by your third year?

c. What sales level (units and dollars) do you believe is possible at the end of year five?

Reference no: EM131228464

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