Assume the reverse distances are thesame

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Eight work centers must be arranged in an L- shaped building. The locations of centers 1 and 3 are assigned as shown in the accompanying diagram. Assuming transportation costs are $ 1 per load per meter develop a suitable layout that minimizes transportation costs using the given information. Compute the total cost. (Assume the reverse distances are thesame.)

Reference no: EM13917399

Deciding where to go global is always important

Finally, deciding where to go global is always important, but with so many foreign markets already heavy with competitors, the question for Groupon isn’t where to expand, but

What is the safety stock level for this item

What is the safety stock level for this item? Round your answer to the nearest integer. Your answer is . (1 point) Note: use "NORMSINV" function in Excel to find the accurat

Inventory-cost of goods sold and accounts payable

The management of a well-known multinational corporation is infamous for “managing by the numbers.” The CEO and the Board of Directors set the target profits at the beginning

About social media in business communication

There is debate about whether texting or social media add to productivity or waste time. Part of the problem could be that it is hard to quantify the impact of using technolog

Characteristics on the external environment

Select three characteristics on the external environment (not your competitors, but things like socio-economic indicators, epidemiological data, changes in technology, etc) th

A naïve model

Marcello & Sophia Bella Gelato manufactures gourmet ice cream, sorbet, and other frozen desserts and  sells its products at its own stores. People drive long distances to bu

Increase his employees job satisfaction

Raul is a new manager. He can increase his employees’ job satisfaction by: You have a real dislike for crickets. Working with them may cause you___________. How can this dilem

Long-life insurance has developed a linear model

Long-Life Insurance has developed a linear model that it uses to determine the amount of term life insurance a family of four should have, based on the current age of the head


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