Association of employee commitment-organizational support
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We conduct research about The Association of Employee Commitment, Organizational Support, Job Satisfaction on Intention to Leave of nurses in Najran, Saudi Arabia I want from you only introduction and literature review for my research the instruments I used in my study mention below:

1. 36-item Survey of Perceived Organizational Support by Eisenberger

2. The Index of Work Satisfaction Questionnaire by Paula L. Stamps

3. TCM Employee Commitment Survey by John P. Meyer and Natalie J. Allen

4. turnover intention scale We used the two-item scale turnover intentions scale adapted from Cammann et al. (1979), as presented in Cook et al. (1981).

The cites for those references are as follows:

Cammann, C., Fichman, M., Jenkins, D. and J. Klesh, J. (1979), The Michigan Organizational Assessment Questionnaire. Unpublished manuscript, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Cook, S. D., Hepworth, S. J., Wall, T. D. and Warr, P. B. (1981), The Experience of Work: A Compendium and Review of 249 Measures and their Uses. Academic Press, New York, NY. I need all articles you will use must include i at least one of this instrument. I don't want studies using different instruments and from 2011-2016. i need 20 articles references.

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