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Search any topic from internet to stimulate your idea and creativity. You might identify the main problems that the user faced in their daily life or analyze the weaknesses of existing THE college SIS and COLLEGE learning systems. Then you will provide creative solution using innovative technology/system (upgrade the system functionality into Intelligent System or Business Intelligent System). To realize the designs, gives added value to your system design. Each group should able to present the idea of how the system works into graphic/ visual (interface design).

Reference no: EM13727558

Create an html form and a corresponding java servlet

Construct an HTML form and a corresponding Java servlet that receives one or many parameters from the form and displays the result in a servlet generated dynamic page.

Create a link in the navigation bar called register

COM340- Create a link in the navigation bar called "Register" which will display a new page with the form. The new page MUST have the same preamble (Logo, Company Info. Navi

Create your own simple and unique web application form

Create your own simple and unique Web application form. The form should include at least 2 different input types such textfield, textarea, radio button, check box, select (d

Develop a private web application system

Develop a private web application system that scan the confidential and classified files with multiple Anti-virus engines - The web should be look like ", but

Create and test an html documents that displays as a table

Create and test an HTML documents that displays as a table of football score from a collegiate football conference in which the team names have one of the primary colors of

Create a narrative that describes site to prospective client

Create a narrative that describes the site to your prospective client. Create a storyboard diagram depicting the layout of your Website. Create a Cascading Style Sheet (.css)

How a pipelined datapath works

How a pipelined datapath works. please include a file that contains the output. Do this either by directing your output to a file or cut-and-pasting the output.The dead line

Deployment technology for the .net

ClickOnce is a new deployment technology for the dot NET 2005 development platform. Precisely what is ClickOnce? What obstacle does it overcome and explain your answer?


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