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Assignment: Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based computing allows businesses to store and access large amounts of data over the Internet rather than on in-house computer hard drives. There are several cloud-based data solutions currently available in the marketplace.

Assume you are evaluating vendors providing cloud-based solutions for your current organization or a hypothetical organization. Complete the following:

1) Identify three potential vendors.

2) Compare and contrast the three different vendors. Be sure to consider the services, data solutions, and security features they provide.

3) Based on your analysis, provide a recommendation about which provider or solution you think would work best.

4) Provide a justification explaining why it would be the best product for your selected business to use (using your current organization or a hypothetical organization). Support your recommendation with up-to-date knowledge of business practices and technology use. Be sure to provide a little background about the organization to help justify your recommendation.

Utilize at least 2 scholarly sources in support of your assertions.

Reference no: EM131335956

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