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Whether you can legally fire the employee include and assessment of pertinent exception to the employment at-will doctrine.

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Reference no: EM13720912

Forensic investigation case study

Forensic Investigation Case Study - Linda is suspected of accessing and possessing digital content pertaining to ‘clowns', and being in possession of, and using encryption s

May racially derogatory statements be made criminal

CONSTITUTIONAL DEFENSES 1.  May racially derogatory statements be made criminal? May racial motives be used to enhance the punishment for crimes such as assault and battery?2

How do you believe we can affect any regulatory measure

The Butner Study focuses on those persons who view pornography and subsequently victimize another person. Drawing on what you read in Module 4 about child pornography, how d

Which immunity would you advise your client to take

Assume you are a lawyer defending someone in a prosecution for bribery against a high government official. Your client, a codefendant, is given a choice by the prosecutor be

Demonstrate your awareness of building control legislation

The purpose of this task is to demonstrate your awareness of building control legislation relevant to your jurisdiction (state or territory) and your familiarity with legisl

Career in law enforcement anticipate

What expectations should a criminal justice student interested in a career in law enforcement anticipate in terms of pre-hiring requirements, as well as on the job requireme

Discuss how you are going to document the crime scene

You're at a crime scene with a suspected drug dealer. You find a computer turned on with three applications running, as well as, Yahoo Instant Messaging. Discuss how you are

Primarily governs the internal operations of labor unions

which states that employees who work more than 40 hours in a week be paid no less than one and one-half times their regular wage for all the hours they work beyond 40 during


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