Arrays and objects in java

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Arrays and Objects in java 

Watson Elementary School contains 10 classrooms numbered 1 through 10. Each classroom contains any number of students up to 20. Each student takes an achievement test at the end of the school year and receives a score from 0 through 100. Write a program that accepts data for each student in the school (student ID, classroom number, and score on the achievement test).

Design a program that lists total points scored for each of the 10 classrooms

Reference no: EM13875783

What is biocapacity

Explain in your own words: What is biocapacity? How is it estimated? What are some human actions that cause an increase in biocapacity? What are some human actions that caus

Explain what effect mutating these two codons

In the presence of high intracellular concentrations of tryptophan, only short transcripts of the trp operon are synthesized because of attenuation of transcription 5' to th

Volume ratio relate to efficiency of metabolism

Epulopiscium fishelsoni, for instance is over 0.5 mm long and is visible to the naked eye. Do you think these bacteria reproduce relatively quickly or slowly compared to mo

History of the social origin of the product

For this assignment, you will select 4 fermented foods to include in a full course dinner menu. Not every dish in the menu needs to be fermented, but 4 fermented products ha

Choose one of hofstede''s cultural differences

Fedex is the company Choose one of Hofstede's cultural differences.  What rules, processes or procedures have your company put into place, to deal with the effects of that one

Which would be the best description of the inheritance

hypercholesterlemia is a genetic diease that affects 1 out of 500 people worldwide. this is more that one genetic cause of the disease. Class 1 is described as an autosome d

Pharmacodynamics properties of drugs are important concepts

Discuss in one to two paragraphs providing two key points on why the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties of drugs are important concepts to understand as it rela

Briefly describe five factors that decrease the stability

Briefly describe five factors that decrease the stability of an helix. Include examples of specific amino acids with each factor that would act to destabilize a helix.


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