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One kind of plant has only blue flowers and white flowers. According to a genetic model, the offspring of a certain cross have a 75% to be blue-flowering, and a 25% chance to be white-flowering, independently of one another. Two hundred seeds of such a cross are raised, and 142 turn out to be blue-flowering. Are the data consistent with the model?

Reference no: EM13128312

Domain of discourse

Let P(x,y) be x has been to y, where the domain of discourse for x is all students in this class, and the domain of discourse for y is all countries in the world. Express th

Develop a simple linear regression model

Develop a simple linear regression model based on least squares that predicts advertising revenue per page from circulation (i.e., feel free to transform either the predicto

Write an equation for parabola with focus(4,0),directrix y=2

For 2000 patients,blood-clotting time was normally distributed with a mean of 8 seconds and a standard deviation of 3 seconds.what percent was blood-clotting times between 5

Function of normal distribution random variable

The moment generating function of normal distributed random variable ,Y, with mean and variance .derive the moment generating function of X=-3Y+4.what is the distribution of

Report perceived wrongdoing of a corporation

Refer to Exercise 9.19 (p. 487), in which the extent of retaliation against whistle blowers was investigated. Since salary is a reasonably good indicator of a person's p

Hypothesis testing of mean-five step method

Explain the difference between testing a single mean, testing the difference between two means from an "independent sample" and testing mean differences from a "dependent sa

Create confience interval for group leaders

Random sample of 85 group leaders, spent 6.5 years on job before being promoted standard deviation of sample was 1.7 years create 95 percent confience interval.

Age and change in systolic blood pressure

In order to study any possible relationship between age and change in systolic blood pressure (BP) (mm Hg) in 24 hours in response to a treatment, the following data were ob


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