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Changing Demographics article review

Choose between the two articles that are attached that discusses the changing American law enforcement agency. The review should include a discussion of the article's main point as well as important details related to the demographic changes in law enforcement. Additionally, please discuss the article's weaknesses, its strengths, and its contribution to the topic. Are the author's presuppositions, research method, and approach valid and appropriate? Your assignment should be at least two pages in length, not including a cover page and reference list. The assignment should follow APA guidelines for formatting of all resources, both in-text citations and references.

Article 1

Alcocer Guajardo, S. (2014). Workforce diversity: assessing the impact of minority integration on intra-workgroup interaction. International Journal Of Police Science & Management, 16(3), 205-220. doi:10.1350/ijps.2014.16.3.340

Article 2
Guajardo, S. A. (2014). Workforce diversity: downsizing in the NYPD and its effect on minority integration. International Journal Of Police Science & Management, 16(2), 155-167. doi:10.1350/ijps.2014.16.2.335

Reference no: EM131037345

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