Are restrictions on capital outflows from china a problem

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If the company is optimistic about its China venture, and anticipates continued investment and growth, are restrictions on capital outflows from China a problem?

Particularly if the source of funds (both debt and equity) are from China? 

I have read that there are over 400 million Chinese taking English language classes. Is language the problem that we think it is?

Reference no: EM131146790

Details of the conversation

Royal Hotel Inc. orally orders 100 standard sets of sheets from Textile Inc. for a price of $500. Textile immediately sends back a written invoice with the details of the co

Sales volume of t units above break-even

A corporation sold X units of product for $Y each and has $M in total fixed and $L in total variable costs (a) find its break-even point (in units) in terms of L, M, X and Y

Task of forecasting demand

I'm the manager at the marina, after your wonderful job of computing demand for gasoline, now has decided that she will put you to the task of forecasting demand for Wave Runn

What is the total market value of this firm debt in dollar

The bonds mature on 3/24/2023 and the yield to maturity (rd) on the bonds is currently 9 percent. Based on this information, what is the total market value of this firm's de

Capital investment and advanced manufacturing environment

‘‘Another million will only cut the payback to about nine years,'' retorted Bill. ‘‘Ron, you're the marketing manager-do you have any insights?''

Financial performance data for a firm

Show why is it vital for a marketing professional to know where to get financial performance data for a firm? Show what value is there in being able to read an annual report

What can we expect from income tax as a source of government

What can we expect from the income tax as a source of government revenue in the future and why? The capital gains tax as a percentage of total revenue collected and whether

Determine daily net revenue

Stanley Furniture produces two types of china cabinets, First Provincial and Deluxe Modern. Each cabinet goes through three departments: carpentry, painting and finishing.


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