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Knowledge and understanding outcomes:

1. Know the typical aims and objectives of organisations.

2. Understand how organisations are owned, controlled and structured

3. Understand who stakeholders are and why they are important

4. Understand different industrial sectors using the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

Learning Outcomes:

1. Compare and contrast the aims and objectives of real organisations.

2. Apply theories oforganisational ownership and control to a real organisation

3. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of a form of ownership and recommend changes.

4. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of how a specific organisation is structured and explain what might cause this to change.

6. Research an organization and describe how its key stakeholders may have competing priorities.

Task 1: Comparing Organisations

You work as a junior journalist for a newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on business development.

Produce an article analysing two, contrasting businesses selected from the list below. Your article should include information about: the purpose of each business, their aims and objectives, forms of ownership, and their organisational structure.

Alton Towers
ASAP Watercrafts
Innocent Drinks
Kirsty's Food
Muddy Boots
Pret a Manger
Rolley Golf
Standard Fireworks
The Chocolate Trading Company
Twists Pasta Bar

Task 2:

The first article was well received and you have been asked to carry out research for a report and TV presentation considering the feasibility of a local business relocating or opening a new branch in your own country. Select oneof the businesses from your first article.

Produce a SWOT and Pest Analysis for the newspaper report.

Assess how the political, legal, social and economic business environments would affect the business in its choice of location.

Knowledge and understanding outcomes:

4. Understand different industrial sectors using the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

5. Understand factors that determine business location both within the UK and internationally

5. Research an organisation and evaluate its current location and justify a change to its location if necessary.

TV presentation

Work with a partner. Prepare a 10 minute news presentation considering the relocation of your 2 businesses. You should identify the different industrial sectors using the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and include a stakeholder analysis for each business.

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Reference no: EM13521096

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