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Create a presentation based on the Week Four Persuasive Messages Part I assignment. Apply the principles of designing effective slides discussed in the textbook as you develop your presentation. The presentation should include 7 to 10 slides with detailed speaker notes. Include the following:

Title Slide (presentation title, date, your name, company name, if applicable)

Introduction (include this heading... this slide will provide an overview of your presentation)

Central idea (include this heading...)

Recommendation (include this heading...)

Benefits (include this heading...)

Impact if product does not sell (include this heading...)

Conclusion (include this heading... this slide should summarize the entire presentation)

Part 1: The speed governors have proved to work out solutions of road accidents. The first samples, which entered the market sold excellently. This has strong correlation to the productivity of the organization. In addition works towards attaining the organization main objectives and goals. The speed governors, which bear the organizations trademark, will sell internationally. The tested and tried speed governors by engineers have attained the best quality that will offer a reasonable competitive advantage in international markets. The product remains promising to the organization in terms of returns. Evaluation of the product indicates that it has the lowest cost of manufacturing compared to other organization products. Manufacturing of the product will require enough money,staff, equipment, and facilities. It is our belief that as an organization the executive or the boss will approve the necessary resources for production.
The channel of delivering the message will be through forum of the organization. In the forum, the boss will be present with other members who might even support the idea in a bigger way. The audience if well convinced will add their voices to the boss on the matter. The discussion remains formal in forums rather than other delivery methods. The matter is an organizational decision that requires multiple approvals from different departments not only the boss. These are the reasons why forum is an appropriate way to pass the message.

Part 2: The appropriate sale pitch for the unique speed governors is inbound marketing .This involves employment of social media, blogging, and search marketing. The people who contact the organization sales department do not require inspired or convincing speech to become customers. Customers get knowledge of the speed governors from the blog or social media and realize their usefulness. This is effective and efficient way of marketing internationally.

The message on is appropriately delivered in organizational meeting or forum. This is mainly because of the presence of expertise and departmental heads relating to this function. This allows room for corrections by the members in the forum. In addition, forums will result to main idea leading goodwill of the product marketing strategy. Forums will ensure maximum cooperation of the product marketing, as the key stakeholders are present.

Reference no: EM13729654

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