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CASE STUDY - Crater Lakes Caravan and Camping Park

Requirements - In this assignment, you will be required to form learns of approximately four (4) people. One team member is to be elected the learn leader for the duration of the assignment Teams will prepare a business report based on a process -case study and should use their own initiative regarding arty assumptions and cycle times if needed.

The report should contain details of the following tasks:

a) Provide a description and application of a process categorisation model (e.g. Porter or Earl).

b) Provide a description and application of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

c) Apply Dijkman et al's (2011) technique discussed in lectures to prepare a case function matrix and identify all associated processes.

d) Using appropriate software, model any two (2) of the processes identified in part (c).

e) Provide an explanation of how each of the models created in part (d), adhere to Mendling el al's (2010) 7PMG guidelines discussed in lectures.

f) Consider each model produced in part (d), calculate the process cycle time for each of the two (2) processes modelled. Any assumptions made should be documented in the report.

g) Use redesign techniques by Reljers and Mansar (2005) discussed in lectures, to identify any two (2) design flaws in the as-is models created in pert (d). Use heuristics and any appropriate product-based design approaches and display the Impact of any heuristic measures on the Devil's Quadrangle. Any assumptions made should be documented in the report.

h) Draw the architecture of your BPMS. Identify and describe all it components.

A suggested template for the above report is provided. You can use it as a guideline for presenting your business report.

A suggested report structure is as follows:

Title page

Executive summary

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Business Process Modelling Report for: [insert case study name]

2.1 Process categorisation model

2.2 Capability maturity model

2.3 Case function matrix

2.4 Process Model for: [insert process name 1]

2.5 Process Model for: [insert. process name 2]

2.6 7PGM discussion for: [insert process name 1]

2.7 7PGM discussion for: [insert process name 2]

2.8 Cycle time for: [Insert process name 1]

2.9 Cycle time for: [insert process name 2]

2.10 Redesign for: [insert process name 1]

2.11 Redesign for: [insert process name 2]

2.12 BPMS architecture

3. Conclusion

4. References

Attachment:- case study.rar


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This report has focused on the topic of business process modeling as incorporated in the business of hotel Crater Lakes Caravan and Camping Park. Nowadays, business process modeling has made their way into the modern day organization for creating many modifications and getting to the peak of the quality of the services. 7PGM discussion model is discussed with waterfall model and spiral model.

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    Attached one more file please check it.. 30163792_1itech 5404 02 assignment 20-.pdf Excellent solution provided. The assignment is accurately written and I received A grade for the same assignment. Thank you Experts Mind.

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