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Dr. D is conducting an interview with Amber, who works as a cocktail waitress. Here is an excerpt: Dr. D: What shift do you typically work?Amber: Night. I come in a around 7:00 p.m. and work until 2:00 a.m.Dr. D: Cocktail waitressing has a bad reputation. How bad is it to work here?Amber: Not so bad. Most of our customers are pretty nice guys. They’reregulars and they don’t drink too much and get out of control. In fact, ifone customer is giving me a hard time, another often steps in and helps out. Dr. D: As the evening progresses, the men give you more and more problems, don’t they? What do you do about that?Amber: I ignore it as long as I can. I get the manager to step in if they don’tstraighten up. Do you notice any problems with the interviewing technique of Dr. D? Describe the problems you see in the excerpts and then explain what Dr. D should do differently.

Reference no: EM131138698

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